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In 1942 the Reichsminister für Bewaffnung und Munition ordered to carry out a so called Reichsbetriebsnummerung (R.B.Numbering).

In the future, all companies based in the German Reich should receive a Reichsbetriebsnummer.

During World War II, this order was carried out primarily for companies relevant for armament.

The RBNrs. were partly published in address books, used in business papers and applied as manufacturer's marks on products. Therefore, local reaearchers, historical enthusiasts and collectors of utility and military objects from before 1945, are repeatedly confronted with this number.

As a result, the question often arises as to what this number is all about and, above all, which company is hidden behind this number?

A large part of the many explanatory attempts published on the internet so far is to be regarded as speculative and often lacks any indication of reliable sources. Also, as far as I know, no literature has been published that deals more closely with this topic

However, the aim of this website is not the complete reappraisal of the the topic RBNr. !

Much more, by stating the documents I have evaluated, I would like to create a place where those interested in the topic can get an overview of the purpose and the implementation of the Reichsbetriebsnummer and are encouraged for further research.

It is also important to me to offer everyone the opportunity to obtain as detailed information as possible about a found RBNr on the basis of the list of district codes and the database.

Since no complete list of the assigned RBNrs. has been found in any archives so far, it must be assumed that such one no longer exists today. Nevertheless, the mass of the data available to me from different sources is so overwhelming that so far only a small part could be included in the database due to time constraints.

However, it should already now be the most extensive list of Reich company numbers in one place freely accessible on the internet.

I am sure there are still various more or less extensive references that I was not able to find so far.

Therefore, here also my advice for your own further research, should the information provided by this website not be sufficient. Perhaps further insights can be made on the basis of the references provided by me, or further documents can be found in the archives mentioned here or in other archives that I have not visited yet.

But now, have fun browsing the site.

    Update June 14th 2023:

  • More companies from the Reichsbetriebskartei were added to the database. The processing of the inventory R 3/2001 with the provinces of East Prussia and Mark Brandenburg was completed with 563 entries.

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